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Flash Web Design

What’s more appealing than water flowing in the desert? Than wind billowing in the trees? Movement and dynamics entertain and capture. This is the genius of flash. Flash will take your immovable and clunky, flat HTML website into the present and make it ready for the future. Flash it to HTML what talkies were to silent films; Technicolor to black and white – the next step.

And remember: with, Flash doesn’t have to be flashy. You can have simplicity and still be up-to-date, moving along with the times, and without adding much loading time. In other words: Flash doesn’t mean slow…Flash is a tool meant to engage your audience. A device that hooks and keeps. Think of it as the parmesan to your pasta or the spice in your curry.

Using top-shelf tools and programs, we know everything there is to know about how to get the highest impact on the lowest bandwidths so as to not only attract but retain visitors. Today, there is hardly a respectable computer in sight that doesn’t have its own Flash Player installed. Microsoft, Netscape, AOL, and WebTV have made sure of that. In fact, research shows that 98.3% of Web users can watch Macromedia Flash content with seamless proficiency, without any kinds of hassles or installs. Don’t lag behind, get with the program and spice-up your site. We’re here to flash-your-way to success.

That said: we understand that some businesses prefer to keep it simple. We can do that too. Html, Flash, whatever you need, we deliver. Just give us ring or drop us an e-mail.


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